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Choosing realty in the paradise

Let's imagine the paradise. Let it be the very center of Europe, then add mountains, pines and warm sea. Let's drop hords of people and factories. Instead of megapolises imagine something romantic, longstanding and fairy. Let's have there good vine, peaches, plums, oysters and dolpfins... What else? Yeah, add palms near pines... We've just created the Croatian's coast, Dalmatia, that's about 5835 km long (The Bulgarian coast is about 378 km instead).
It may seem strange at the first glance, but Dalmatia is wide and different.
This island is absolutely bare, and that one is overgrown. Here we see marmorial cliffs, and there - gentle woody slops. Northen islands like the Swiz and southern like Greece or Seychelles.
The nature is woody at north, steppe at the middle and woody again at south.
So you decide. Is it too hot at south for you? Do you want to feel deep woody air or this is too much oxi? Is it ok if the water temperature is about 24 at september or this's too cold?