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The littoral town Fazana

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Fazana – one of Croatia cities - lies just opposite the Brijuni Islands, in the vicinity of Pula.
It is a small fishery town. A great amount of pine woods and vineyards gather round this place. It serves as a small starting point for ships, mostly for the Brijuni islands. No doubt, the place you must visit is the parish church Kosma. It is well-known for paintings of the artist Ventura.

Fazana (or the second variant Fasana) is a jumping off point for people interested in visiting the nearby Brujuni National Park. Far and away, it`s really worth seeing.
But if you don`t have a lot of spare time, you can content your journey with standard set of sightseeings, such as the church of St Cosmas and St Damian (Sv Kuzma I Damjan), that dates to the 11th Century, or another church, Our Lady of Carmel, dates to the 14th Century, or the Church of St Elys nearby, dates to the 6th Century.

Actually. Fazana is the littoral town surrounded by the beautiful beaches, clear blue sea under the Mediterranean sky. Every point of this really heavenly town leads to the great tourism development.

Don`t forget to note, that there are two famous places near Fazana, that can be visited too: Valbandon and Surida. The inhabitants of these places are well known for their hospitality and kindness.

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